Ned Buratovich, agitator.

Like everyone else, I have my day to day life, my business, family and money concerns. I’m weary at the end of long days. I’m still that boy you knew in grammar school, idealistic, sensitive, learning about great people in history who died for their beliefs.

Now, I find myself in a world where people would rather not be inconvenienced to speak out against injustice. Not all people, I know, but so very many of them couldn’t care less about all the killing and maiming and incredible destruction that is done in their name, every day. It saddens me immensely.

I am as agitated as ever about injustice, hypocrisy, treason and treachery from the powers that be. Many people are hurting, homeless, jobless, without health care and without a government that cares.

I believe it’s important for all of us to raise our voices against the loss of our basic human rights, the loss of our civil liberties and the erosion of our environment and our social safety net.