CONSTRUCTION continues to be INTERMITTENT, probably through the autumn of 2016.

Ned Buratovich, agitator

I am as AGITATED as ever about injustice, hypocrisy, treason and treachery from the powers that be. Many people are hurting, homeless, jobless, without health care and without a government that cares.

I believe it’s important for all of us to speak out against the loss of our basic human rights, the loss of our civil liberties and the erosion of our environment and our social safety net.

Right now I have so many friends and family who are hurting so seriously that much of my time and effort is taken in helping them directly. So building out this website is on hold for the near future.

Meanwhile, I invite you to peruse the graphics and articles that I have sporadically posted.

Poem: On the Eve of the Iraq War

On the Eve of the Iraq War Tonight, I feel like it’s my fault. Like I said, “Oh well, they’re just doing their stuff, I’m not that political, let ‘em do their politics.” and bit by bit they did. It … Read More …

Climate change is not debatable.

Climate change is not debatable; that must be why neither of the duopoly candidates mentioned it during the debates. Climate change is the most critically important issue… to be avoided when your campaign funding comes from the fossil fuel industry. … Read More …

World Peace Day – Ned’s Sign of the Times

September 21 is the United Nations International Day of Peace, World Peace Day. On this day five years ago Ned decided to do something symbolic to promote peace. He made a sign, then stood with it for hours by the edge of the highway. The sign said: WILL WORK FOR PEACE

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Yellow Brick Banksy

I took street artist, Banksy’s, stencil art piece called “Stop and Search” and put it back on the street, the yellow brick road.

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On the 4th of July, Patriots Question 9/11

The 4th of July and September 11th are important dates in our history. They bring out patriotism. This 4th of July, talk to your neighbor about 9/11. Care enough about your country to expose those who attacked it from the inside. True patriots question 9/11.

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